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Mmmmmmm…Moon Pies!

April 11, 2011

If you’ve never had a Moon Pie, I highly suggest you go out to your nearest Wal-mart or whatever mega store you have and buy one. Their like $.50 a piece at Wal-mart. 

Chocolate Double-Decker Moon Pies

 A MoonPie is a pastry which consists of two round graham cracker cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in chocolate or other flavors. It was first made for coal miners as an easy snack.Today after painting the new house for a good 4 hours, the girls and I decide to make a trip to Wally World for another 5 gallon bucket of super-duper white paint (as I said before, the original owner was a heavy indoor smoker and the walls just soak this paint up.) It’s covering the walls great and the smell of smoke and cats is nearly gone. It’s also covering us very well. 

Kim with my paint covered hand print on her ass!

 We all made our appearance covered in stark white paint from head to toe. I had my hair in pigtails and it being bright red, the paint drops all over it stand out very well. I looked like a doofus. I really didn’t want to go out in public dressed like a paint covered homeless woman but they made me go. I was purposely annoying Kim, asking to buy everything shiny and bright that caught my eye. I was getting very irritated and tired and I just wanted to get the hell out of there! But as we searched for a check out lane something caught my eye. A chocolate double-decker Moon Pie! It was glorious! I immediately grabbed 2 and held them up to my cheeks while cooing “moooon piiieeess.” Kim just stared at me and got in line to check out. I bounced around in line anxiously waiting to buy my scrumptious little chocolate disks. We got back to the house to continue painting and Kim said “You totally looked like a fat kid with a Moon Pie in each hand waiting to check out.” Yes I probably did, but I don’t care. They are delicious and it made my day. I was a happy fat kid today! So I decided to blog about it. Check out the Moon Pie website if you can’t buy them in your area.

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